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It’s Time to Hop Off the Hustle Treadmill and Step Up as the Spa CEO You Are Meant to Be…

You knew it would take sweat equity and nearly round-the-clock effort to get your business off the ground, but you didn’t expect it to stay that way, and something’s got to give. 

It’s time to lean in, and step into a new realm of possibility for your spa’s success – one that releases your financial freedom from being dependent on time spent working IN your business so you can focus on working ON it…

Do you want to build momentum, break through the overworked cycle, and hit a whole new level of personal freedom and financial growth in business?
Then you're ready for...
Part educational program, part mastermind, part coaching, and part community, Growth Factor Framework is the full-circle solution for spa owners who are serious* about creating exponential business growth and scaling sustainably to fuel a life of freedom, flexibility, and financial growth.
 { *And by serious, we mean - if you do the work and follow the Growth Factor Framework, we know you can double your investment within six months. }
Here’s what some of our Spa CEO’s have experienced after going through Growth Factor Framework…
“Before  joining GFF, I was very uncertain of the future of my spa. My business turns four years old next month, but I wasn’t really sure what the next step was and I wasn’t sure how to move to CEO from being “coworker.”

After joining GFF and working with Daniela and her team, I was able to create an additional treatment room, expand my team, and we were able to increase our revenue by 28% in the last quarter of 2021, and 30% in the first quarter of 2022.

Not only did Growth Factor Framework give me the tools and resources I needed to build and scale, but they also gave me the support, mentoring, and the mindset to learn that this is something I could do.”

CEO of My Favorite Place Spa

Whether it’s more time to spend with family and friends, the ability to finally step away from working in the treatment room, or to travel abroad for a month-long vacation while your business continues to flourish — freedom is having the true choice of how to spend your time in, on, and around your business without sacrificing growth or momentum. 


One of my favorite sayings is, “Be like bamboo: strong, yet flexible.” When you have the tools, resources, and understanding of the core pillars of your business and the phases it needs to grow within and cycle through, you craft a business that not only offers you a level of personal flexibility and freedom, but you build something that is strong, yet flexible enough to evolve with the market, technology, and the world.


You started your business because you are passionate about what you do. I believe passion in our purpose is a necessary ingredient for building and scaling a successful business, but so is money. What you’ll learn and implement throughout the Growth Factor Framework program will help you to build financial growth in your business so you can use it as fuel to live your best life, and not the other way around.

Founder of Addo Aesthetics and Growth Factor Framework
My professional bio is that I’m an aesthetician, a former spa director turned consultant who has worked with some of the top skincare brands in the world.
Today, I transform aestheticians from chaotic and overworked to confident and operationally efficient by building a business based on strategic systems, strong leadership skills, and savvy marketing strategies.

My more personal bio is that I’m a military spouse, a mom to two little ones, and deeply passionate about helping spa professionals thrive and create their definition of success in business that spills over to creating a life they love. And it’s those behind-the-scenes details that drive everything I do.

I believe everyone should follow their own path, wherever that may lead, and every day that I get to wake up and do this work, I live and lead by that example for my children.

And for every client I work with who breaks through their own ceiling to grow to new heights and achieve their goals, I have the privilege of walking that path with them as they pave it for themselves. 

...of Experts Who Will Help Guide You Throughout Your Growth Factor Framework Journey
Lead Community Coach
+ Spa CEO
Community Coach
+ Spa CEO
Community Coach
+ Spa CEO
Digital Ads
+ Funnel Strategist

Master Aesthetician
+ Spa Education Coach
+ Legal Coach
“I joined Growth Factor Framework during the pandemic, which shut down my spa three times, so every time I re-opened I was very busy and I was capped at what I could handle for sales and services.

But now that I’ve hired someone, I’ve had the ability to step away from select services, which has allowed me to spend more time working on the systems that have led to an increase in sales even more.

Before Growth Factor Framework, I was really struggling with hiring and I knew there had to be a proper way to do it, but I didn’t even know where to start. It’s amazing what you can learn from being in a community with like-minded individuals with top-notch resources, support, and guidance.”

CEO of LN Aesthetically Yours
Who is Growth Factor Framework for?
    👉 Aestheticians and spa owners who are action takers and want to level up their business with the support of a team of coaches and community of peers. 
    👉 Aestheticians and spa owners who have either reached a plateau in business where the things that got you to your current level are no longer working as well as those who are looking to branch beyond a brick-and-mortar model to start a completely new online-based business built on your aesthetic expertise. 
    👉 Aestheticians and spa owners who plan to bring on a team or who already have a team and are looking to develop them further. Please note that a team does not necessarily mean service providers like aestheticians or massage therapists. Even if you are a solo who intends to stay solo,  but plans to go the ecommerce route, you will need a team. This is about working smarter, not harder and stepping further into the role of CEO for your business.
    Who is Growth Factor Framework NOT for?
      ❌  Aestheticians or spa owners who are 100% brand new to business. - Don't stop dreaming big and take what you’ve learned to keep growing! This program has been designed for those with already established businesses looking to scale or have some business experience under their belt.
      ❌  Aestheticians or spa owners who are not open to new ideas, not coachable, willing to step outside of your comfort zone, or who already have everything figured out.
      ❌  Aestheticians or spa owners who only want to wish for success and half-heartedly approach mindset shifts, investing in themselves, or being held accountable to their goals for life and business. You get in what you put out, and that includes willingness to embark on new things, putting forth the time to make them happen, and actively communicate your needs to be supported. 
      “Before joining Growth Factor Framework, I was really struggling with stagnant growth. I was hitting the same revenue numbers over and over every year, and I didn’t really have a clear path or the in-between steps on how to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve.

      After going through Growth Factor Framework, I was able to bump up my revenue by $50K. To be able to hit that bump in revenue after just a few months was huge and that was primarily done through hosting events and raising our prices by 10%.

      Another massive win was realizing that I had more flexibility than I thought I did. After developing my mindset around being a CEO and delegating through the program, I was able to cut my in-clinic days to 4 days per week and I’m currently working toward cutting down to 3 days per week as I shift into more CEO activities that I can do from home.”

      EMILIE D.
      CEO of Meta Esthétique Studio
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